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Technology & Market Trends in the Automotive Industry for 2019

Top 5 market trends in the automotive industry for 2019

1: Commercial Robo-Taxi will be in The U.S. Markets

2019 will see the launch of large-scale robo-taxis (self-driving ride hailing cars) in major U.S. cities.
Waymo launched the first commercial robo ride-hailing service in December 2018

2: Cellular-V2X Trials and 5G will Dominate Autonomous Vehicle Safety

2019 will see increased pilots of C-V2X. It will be a catalyst for evolution towards 5G V2X.
5G V2X will drive synergies between industries such as telecom, smartphone, smart cities, EV charging, etc. and automotive industry.

3: Gain Consumer Trust and Confidence in Driverless Car with Enhanced Digital Trusted Services and Cyber-Physical Security

In 2018, 7 out of 10 drivers in the U.S. have grown more fearful of autonomous cars. Surprisingly even 6 out of 10 millennials fall in this category.
In 2019 there will be increased activities around cyber-physical security and absolute data integrity will drive trust in mobility services and improve consumer confidence.

4: Data Will be The Digital Currency for Automotive. Key Value Driver for Automotive will Shift to Software, leading to Software-Defined Hardware

Facebook, Amazon, and Google have proven meritocracy of data and successful monetization from it. Tesla treats data like currency which can be used over and over by multiple departments.
In 2019 Automakers, insurance, fleet, and mobility-as-a-service providers will trial rich mobility services. Expect M&A and partnership activities to pick up

5: Improve In-Vehicle Experience to Convert “Time Wasted” to “Time Well Spent”

In the U.S. people spend 46 minutes per day on average in their car. Automakers and mobility providers have been working on ways to provide personalized driving experience.
In 2019 consumers can expect more capability with the goal to convert ”time wasted” to “time well spent” in the car with more autonomy features to improve the driving experience, safety, personalization, and convenience.

The article was first published in Data Driven Investor

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