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Why Trusted Mobility Platform and Services are a Must for Automotive!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

In the Transformative Age of Transportation, Why Trusted Mobility Platform and Services are a Must!

In today’s digital world, trust is our most valuable asset. Without trust, you cannot create value. To allow people to trust in one another when they do not know each other well, the currency was devised to ensure that all perceived values were equally recognized by both the buyer and seller. So, a currency that doesn’t have trust is one that is not useful.

“Data is the New Currency for Automotive” — Mahbubul Alam
In the era of the Internet of Things, data is the new currency. When dealing with the data that is transmitted by connected vehicles, trust in data integrity is more than just important. It can be life-saving.

In 2018 a high-end vehicle has, on average, more than 100 million lines of code. To put this in context, that is more than 50 times what the F22 fighter jet contains! Obviously, that means protecting all this software code is mission-critical. According to Intel Corp., an average autonomous vehicle generates 4 terabytes of data per day. Based on McKinsey projections, the monetization from connected and autonomous vehicles data and services is projected to grow from $30B to $1.5T by 2030. So that represents zettabytes (1000s of exabytes) of data at stake, which presents a massive opportunity

Autonomous Vehicle Generates 4 Terabytes of Data per Day — source: Intel Corp.

A growing number of connected cars and electronic content per vehicle and reinforcement of mandates by regulatory bodies for vehicle data protection are driving the automotive cybersecurity market. In short, data must be protected to ensure total confidence among those who will be entrusting their lives to these vehicles’ implicit safety. That is why there must be, not only security in its purest sense of being free from threats but trust, in all facets of the data.

Security is the foundation upon which trust is built. “Trusted data”, defined at its core as the data which are immutable, transparent, auditable, encrypted and distributed data records which is much more significant than just data security. For example, if on a one-hundred-dollar bill, the identifiers put into place include special security efforts such a watermark, a unique ID, a special type of paper used, etc. This makes it far more difficult to duplicate, generating the foundation of a secure currency. For it to become trusted, however, demands a far more thorough undertaking. It requires tracking to see where it is going, to whom it is going, how it is being spent and that someone is not spending more than its actual worth. A currency is only valuable when there is confidence that all these protections are in place.

$100 Dollar Federal Reserve Note

In the same way, data in a digital economy must also have protections to provide confidence in its authenticity. If it became easy to counterfeit one hundred dollar bills, the trust would erode immediately. That becomes even more important with digital currencies such as data. A recipient of the information needs to unequivocally believe that there has been no tampering with the information contained within and that its source has been uniquely identified.

The trust value chain must be established by a combination of transparency, governance of the data and a continued record of transactions taking place as they are supposed to. In a data economy, in order to ask organizations to do business with a vendor or partner, the process must go beyond just making the data communication secure. They must trust the data integrity, which can be provided through a combination of architecture, technology, protocols, and secure data governance.

Trillium’s Trusted Mobility Platform and Services

Trust enables organizations to create value and capital markets to function properly. With trust comes confidence for organizations to make strategic moves and seize the upside of disruption. Where Trillium plays a key role in this is by encrypting the communication that occurs within the vehicle. The Trillium Secure in-vehicle security products provide adaptive firewall and self-defending intrusion detection and protection solutions, which can run on telematic control units, gateways and/or on domain controllers, ensuring that only communications that are supposed to traverse are allowed. In-vehicle security products are complemented with cloud-based AI for self-learning capability from external sources and from other vehicles connected to the platform., as well as establishing a secure connection between the vehicle and the cloud through a blockchain architecture.

Without trust in data integrity, AI/machine learning cannot deliver its potential value.

While the industry as a whole has taken for granted that this incredibly powerful new technology will revolutionize the entire world, if the data it is learning from is flawed, then there will be no confidence whatsoever. This is an incredibly important objective for everyone to understand! If the data is not trusted, the machine learning that occurs will be faulty, as it is working off assumptions that are flawed. That is why a platform of trusted mobility is so groundbreaking. Trillium Secure has recognized the necessity of this fact and predicated its technology to first and foremost guarantee that trust across all types of data transmitted. But it is more than just revolutionary. Trillium technology creates a level of digital trust second to none. At its very essence, the DNA of the platform provides trust, security, and integrity so that data can deliver value without reservation. It is architected in such a way that every action taken is predicated on ensuring this mandate. By doing this, the company will truly make a fundamental contribution.

To examine this further, Trillium’s platform is transformative at three distinct levels:

For the Individual:

At its essence, the data generated from connected vehicles is yet one more place where an individual can become concerned about both its legitimate use, as well as its illegitimate use by black hats who might look to profit from its sale or illegal mining.

The benefit of Trillium’s platform is the ability to keep data private, control its dissemination and notify each individual whenever it might be used for monetary benefit by any entity with access to it.

In this way, the entire premise discussed throughout can be said, without exaggeration, to over deliver on the critical promise of trust.

For the Industry:

In the new privacy world order established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), compliance with all privacy regulations globally becomes more valuable than ever. There is no grey area in this endeavor and the expectation is that all personally identifiable information data generated from connected vehicles, must be, not only trustworthy but also private.

Trillium Secure value is delivered through a distinct combination of the following: a) it lowers operational expenses, which positively improves the bottom line, b) it provides ways to generate new revenue streams, and c) it simplifies the operation and usability of complex systems at large scale.

Together, this ROI becomes immediately justifiable from both a top and bottom line perspective.

For Society:

Finally, and perhaps most important, Trillium Secure looks at the impact that it can help contribute to the world.

If the dream of a truly connected mobile world is to happen, society must be able to let go of the proverbial steering wheel and let AI/machine learning take over.

As stated, once that data trust and vehicle cybersecurity have been established and validated, a new set of positive paradigms will occur. Traffic can become significantly reduced, if not outright eradicated, which can have a huge effect on helping the world combat climate change. Furthermore, the stress many commuters face each day when dealing with debilitating gridlock on highways and side streets can become a thing of the past, increasing both quality of life, as well as actual longevity.

All these benefits combined will provide a clear, positive use case that makes a compelling argument for the benefits of Trillium Secure’s widespread adoption. Once accomplished, the platform and services can help to accelerate the trust needed to allow a truly connected world of transportation.

The article was first published in Data Driven Investor

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